Friday, April 19, 2013

The Wizard of Op

Since I first borrowed it from my school library over twenty years ago I have had the images from Ed Emberley's The Wizard of Op (1975) stuck in my head. Part comic book, part Op art, what's not to love? I think it also paved the way for my eventual Magic Eye obsession. It's also maybe why I love other books full of psychedelic black and white illustration, like the Frank Asch book I shared previously. As far as I know The Wizard of Op is out of print, so if anyone reading this ever comes across a copy, please let me know! For the time being, at least I found some of the images through the magic of the Internet.

All images via The Stopping Off Place

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  1. I seem to remember another children's book from the 70's that was also B&W but had other Op Art drawings spread across the pages...

    I have seen no trace of it so it must not exist as this is the only thing that comes up. It felt Alice in Wonderlandish/fractal but It changed the way my mind worked after that...