Filly and Foal is a line of handpicked vintage clothing and books for children aged 0 - 12. We also custom-make 1.5" buttonsWe can be found in Toronto at Penny Arcade Vintage or through our online shops here and here

This blog is about all things Filly and Foal,
with an emphasis on childhood, family, art, nostalgia, curio, and whimsy.

My vintage addiction started at the age of ten, when I bought a 70s Adidas track jacket for 69 cents at a discount thrift store, and I have worn and collected vintage clothing ever since. I started buying kids' vintage in 2009 after I had my daughter, and soon realized that I could help other parents like myself find well-made, previously loved clothing for their kids. Filly and Foal began in 2010 as a collaboration between myself, Jes Watson, and our friend Rachel Sheehan who provided us with a space at her store, Penny Arcade Vintage in Toronto. Since then, Jes (now a mama of three!) has moved on, and Filly and Foal is still at Penny Arcade, but we are expanding our presence online, and in Toronto by getting involved in various community markets.
Lindsay Harker - FILLY AND FOAL Founder,
and "foal"-time mama to a "filly" named Maddie

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